Étienne LaFond dit Mongrin 

Étienne LaFond was born in the parish of St. Laurent-de-la-Barriere in Angely, Saintonge, France around 1615.  He arrived in Canada sometime around 1644 or earlier as a carpenter and worked for the Ursulines for a while.  

In January of 1645, he married Marie Boucher in Québec, a daughter of Gaspard Boucher and Nicole Lemère.  She had arrived in Canada with her parents and siblings in the summer of 1634. This family is counted among the earliest settlers of Canada. Her father was a furniture maker. Her elder brother, Pierre Boucher de Grosbois was the governor of Trois-Rivières in 1652 and founder of Boucherville. He was a respected leader and served as a judge many times. 

   Record of marriage from the parish register of the church of the Immaculate Conception (l'église de la Imaculée Conception) in Québec... 1645...  Witnesses to the LaFond-Boucher marriage were Monsieur Giffard and Zacharie Cloutier.

Together, Étienne LaFrond and Marie Boucher had eight children, two of which (Jean LaFond and Genevieve LaFond) are ancestors in the Cameron line.  The last few years of Étienne LaFond's life can be traced through notarial contracts: 

March 1662... a 5-year lease of land at Trois Rivières by Pierre Couc.
August 1662... a contract to build between Michel Gamelin, surgeon and Étienne LaFond, carpenter, a house like the one on the Favril River, next to the windmill.
September 1662...  a concession of land of 1 arpent and 6 perches (approx. 1 acre) frontage by the depth of a route that will be built located in the estate of Cap-de-la-Madeleine made by R. P. Jehan-Claude Allouez to Étienne LaFond.
October 1664... the sale by Étienne LaFond of Cap-de-la-Madeleine and Marie Boucher, his wife, to François Duclos, of said cape, of a house situated near the St. François fort at the cape.
December 1664... a contract between Nicolas Gastineau-Duplessis, citizen of the cape, and Étienne LaFond, who will build him a boat of pine.
May 1665... an agreement between Étienne De la Fond and Étienne Gelineau of the cape to end their differences relative the subject of their concessions located at the small channel of Trois Rivières.

September 1665... Étienne LaFond dit Mongrin died at Cap-de-la-Madeleine at the age of about 50.

The 1666 census of the Trois-Rivières area lists Marie Boucher as a widow with seven children all born in Trois-Rivières, between the ages of twenty and two years old living in her household. She is unable to sign, however her two eldest children are able.

May 1668... the sale by Charles de Montmesniers to Marie Boucher, widow of Étienne LaFond of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, of his home of 2 arpents at Trois Rivières. 

Marie Boucher died in November 1706 at the age of 77.

The genealogy of it...

Each indentation indicates another generation, ie: Jean LaFond is the son of Étienne LaFond and Marie Boucher; Pierre LaFond is the son of Jean LaFond and Catherine Sénécal, and so on.

A carat (>) indicates there is at least another sibling who is an ancestor, ie:  Jean LaFond has a sister, Geneviève LaFond who is also an ancestor.

A double carat (>>) indicates there is at least another sibling who is an ancestor at the next generational level, ie:  Jean LaFond (son Marie Boucher and Étienne LaFond) has a sister, Genevieve LaFond who is also an ancestor. 

Étienne LAFOND and Marie BOUCHER, m. 1-30-1645 in Québec

  >Jean LaFOND and Catherine SENÉCAL, m. c. 1670 in Trois Rivières, PQ

    Pierre LaFOND and Marie-Jeanne LEFEBVRE m. 8-13-1715 in Bastican, PQ

      Pierre LaFOND and Marie-Gabrielle HOULE m. 4-22-1743 in Baie du Febvre, PQ

        Gabriel LaFOND and Marie PROULX m. 1-5-1785 in Baie du Febvre, PQ

          Gabriel LaFOND and Genevieve ALLARD m. 10-21-1816 in Baie du Febvre, PQ

            Hélène LaFOND and Antoine DARGIE m. 9-1-1844 in Granby, PQ

              Napoléon DARGIE and Léonise TURCOTTE m. 10-15-1883 in Lewiston, ME

                Delia DARGIE and Wilfred CAMERON m. 10-11-1910 in Attleboro, MA

                  Rhea CAMERON and Edward LIZOTTE m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA


Étienne LAFOND and Marie BOUCHER, m. 1-30-1645 in Québec 

  >Genevieve LaFOND and Jean-Baptiste TROTTIER m. 6-24-1667 in PQ

    Marie TROTTIER and Louis GUILLET m. 1-18-1684 in PQ

      Louis GUILLET and Marguerite TETREAU m. 8-1-1718 in St. Ours, PQ

        Marie-Louise GUILLET and Augustin FONTAINE m. 7-28-1743 in Vercherres, PQ

          Louis-Augustin FONTAINE and Charlotte MEUNIER m. 5-31-1763 in Vercherres, PQ

            Pierre FONTAINE and Marguerite BERARD m. 6-22-1795 in Vercherres, PQ

              Marguerite FONTAINE and Louis DORÉ m. 11-24-1829 in Ste. Marie de Monnoire, PQ

                Marie DORÉ and Louis FOURNIER m. 1-18-1853 in Ste. Marie de Monnoire, PQ

                  Mathilde FOURNIER and Ernest CAMIRAND m. 11-24-1885 in Attleboro, MA

                    Wilfred CAMERON and Delia DARGIE m. 10-11-1910 in Attleboro, MA

                      Rhea CAMERON and Edward LIZOTTE m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA



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