The Lizottes 

   Guillaume LIZOT (or Lissot, and in time Lizotte) was born around 1643 in the parish of St. Pierre la Gravele (today Montviette), Lisieux, in the Calvados area of Normandy, France.  The land of apple orchards and fields.

The son of Robert LIZOT and Catherine JOANNE, he arrived in Canada in 1662 with a three to five-year contract to work for Noël Langlois.

He was a young man who didn't appear to have a trade unless it was that of a carpenter, yet in 1669, it is noted that he was able to sign his name on his marriage contract, as well as several other official documents of the day when called upon to act as witness to a transaction or a ceremony.  So, it seems safe to assume he was somewhat literate.

Although he had contracted to stay in Canada for not more than five years, he chose to become a settler and never returned to France.

In November of 1665, Jean Pelletier rented out a piece of land to Lizot in Beauport that he had inherited from his father, Guillaume Pelletier. 

In 1667, Guillaume Lizot and another settler, Robert Gallien, undertook the farming of four acres for Jean Pelletier.  At that time, Lizot and Gallien were considered partners in this farming enterprise and were living at the Pelletier homestead.

In May of 1669, Lizot agreed to a marriage contract with Anne Pelletier, the daughter of Jean Pelletier and Anne Langlois, and the grand-daughter of his employer upon arriving in New France, Noël Langlois.  

In January 1670, he married the young girl in Beauport. 

Anne Pelletier was born in October of 1656 in Beauport, Québec.  The Pelletiers, originating from the Perche region of Normandy, were charcoal makers.  Jean Pelletier's father was a successful merchant in France before embarking in 1641 on an adventure that would last the rest of his life.

The young Lizot family prospered and remained in Beauport for about five years.  Their first three children, ancestor Françoise, Nicolas-Claude and possibly Anne were born in Beauport.  When the fourth child, ancestor Noël Lizot was born in September of 1677, the family had moved to Grand Anse (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière) were they would become one of the founding families.  

In preparation for the move to La Pocatière, Guillaume Lizot and Anne Pelletier sold their property in Beauport to Charles Cadieux dit Courville.  This was March 1676.  Charles Cadieux (also an ancestor) was a gunsmith who arrived in Canada from LaRochelle about 1652 with his wife, Michelle Madeleine Macard (Macquart).

The founding families of the parish of La Pocatière were ancestor Jacques Miville dit Deschenes, ancestor Guillaume Lizot, Noël Pelletier, ancestor Nicolas Lebel, Martin Fouquet, ancestor René Ouellet and ancestor Jean Grondin who all started arriving in 1676.

La Pocatière had been founded (on paper) in September of 1670 when François Pollet de la Combe Pocatière received a fief (seigneurie) from his father-in law, Nicolas Juchereau, in what would become the county of Kamouraska.

In October of 1672, Marie-Anne Juchereau, who was then the widow of François Pollet was granted a seignerie to the east of the one granted in 1670.  This fief would be known as Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière.   

The reconstructed map below shows the first distribution of land concessions in the village.  Other ancestors, besides the founding families, who appear to have lived there are:

Jean Pelletier at lot #7

Nicolas Huot dit St. Laurent at lot #10

André Mignier dit Lagacé at lot #13

Guillaume Pelletier at lot #23

Noël Lizot, son of Guillaume, at lot #28 

This Land Grant map is taken from the site:

Thanks to Evelyn Theriault for sharing it.


In the census of 1681, Guillaume Lizot owned 4 guns, had 13 head of cattle and 10 arpents (8.4 acres) of land under cultivation. 

In the summer of 1690, there was a to do with the British.  General Phips left Boston with a fleet of ships hoping to incur damage to the French colony.  On his way up the St. Lawrence River, he and his soldiers stopped at villages to raid and terrorize.  One of the settlements chosen was Rivière-Ouelle.  Forewarned by coastal patrols, the small army of 39 citizens led by a priest, were ready for the General from British colony of Massachusetts.  The ensuing ambush pushed the British back.

On the way back to Boston in defeat, General Phips lost three more ships, one possibly a ketch    or a brigantine which ran aground.  (source for placard: National Georgraphic Magazine

Among those considered heroes in the skirmish are Guillaume Lizot and other ancestors such as Jean Pelletier, Robert Levesque, and Jean-Galleran Boucher, 13 ancestors of the 39 participants.  Heroes all.   

In 1692, Guillaume Lizot was present at the inventory of goods by the widow of ancestor Damien Bérubé.

Anne Pelletier died sometime between April of 1687 and October of 1696.
After her death, Guillaume Lizot remarried.  His second marriage was to the widow, Marguerite Peuvrier in October 1696.  One of the witnesses to the marriage was Robert Levesque. 

In 1699, Guillaume Lizot assisted in the burial of Robert Levesque.  Guillaume, himself, would die within a few short years...  sometime between January 1705 and August 1706...  most likely the end of 1705 at the age of about 62.

Guillaume Lizot and Anne Pelletier had 9 children of which three were sons.  The middle son, Noël Lizot, is a direct ancestor as is the oldest daughter, Françoise who married Joseph Ouellet in 1691.


The genealogy of it all...

Each indentation indicates another generation, ie: Françoise Lizotte is the daughter of Guillaume Lizot and Anne Pelletier; M. Françoise Ouellette is the daughter of Françoise Lizotte and Abraham Ouellette, and so on.

A carat (>) indicates there is at least another sibling who is an ancestor, ie:  Françoise Lizot has a brother, Noël Lizot who is also an ancestor.

A double carat (>>) indicates there is at least another sibling who is an ancestor at the next generational level, ie:  M. Catherine Lizotte (daughter of Noël Lizot and Catherine Meneux) has a brother, Joseph Lizotte, who is also an ancestor. 

And so on...  


Guillaume LIZOT and Anne PELLETIER m. 1-19-1670 at Beauport, PQ

  >Françoise LIZOT and Abraham (Joseph) OUELLETTE m. 2-12-1691 in PQ

    M. Françoise OUELLETTE and Jean-Baptiste GAGNON m. 1-15-1714 in Rivière Ouelle, PQ

      Marie-Françoise GAGNON and Louis CARON m. 6-16-1740 at St. Roch des Aulnais, PQ

        Marie-Françoise CARON and Charles François PELLETIER m. 11-12-1764 at St. Roch des Aulnais, PQ

          Herménégilde PELLETIER and Perpetué LEVASSEUR m. 11-8-1806 in PQ

            Perpetué PELLETIER and Alexis SÉNÉCHAL m. m 2-14-1828 at St. Roch des Aulnais, PQ

              Marcel SÉNÉCHAL and M. Desanges OUELLETTE m. 9-10-1866 in Baie des Sables, PQ

                Célina SÉNÉCHAL and Sévère (Henri) LIZOTTE m. 2-25-1900 in Fall River, MA

                  Edward LIZOTTE and Rhea CAMERON m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA


Guillaume LIZOT and Anne PELLETIER m. 1-19-1670 at Beauport, PQ

  >Noël LIZOT and Catherine MENEUX m.  2-28-1702 in Rivière Ouelle, PQ

    >>M. Catherine LIZOTTE and Pierre BOUCHER m. 8-17-1726 in Ste. Anne de la Pocatière, PQ

      Ignace BOUCHER and Genevieve MICHAUD m. 4-18-1757 in PQ

        Louis-Vincent BOUCHER and Félicité PELLETIER m. 11-6-1780 in St. Roch des Aulnais, PQ

          Félicité BOUCHER and Louis BÉRUBÉ m. 8-3-1807 in Rivière Ouelle, PQ

            Bibiane BÉRUBÉ and Jean-Raphaël OUELLETTE m. 10-25-1843 in Rimouski, PQ

               M.-Desanges OUELLETTE and Marcel SÉNÉCHAL m. 9-10-1866 in Baie des Sables, PQ

                 Célina SÉNÉCHAL and Sévère (Henri) LIZOTTE m. 2-25-1900 in Fall River, MA

                    Edward LIZOTTE and Rhea CAMERON m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA

Guillaume LIZOT and Anne PELLETIER m. 1-19-1670 at Beauport, PQ

  >Noël LIZOT and Catherine MENEUX m.  2-28-1702 in Rivière Ouelle, PQ

    >>Joseph LIZOTTE and  Catherine BOUCHER m. 11-26-1737 in Rivière Ouelle, PQ

      Armand LIZOTTE and Marie-Louise MIGNIER m. 1-8-1775 at Ste. Anne-de-la-Pocatière, PQ

        André LIZOTTE and M. Josette BELLEMÈRE m. 11-6-1815 at Yamachiche, PQ

          Louis LIZOTTE and Adelaïde PAGÉ m. 2-17-1857 at Trois-Rivières, PQ

            Sévère Joseph (Henri) LIZOTTE and Célina SÉNÉCHAL m. 2-25-1900 in Fall River, MA

              Edward LIZOTTE and Rhea CAMERON m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA


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