Street in Lisieux by Henry Edridge

 PIERRE DesPORTES... was a lawyer in the Parlement de Paris and an investor in the Company of One-Hundred Associates.  He was born in Lisieux, in the Calvados region of Normandy around 1580.  Before leaving France, he married FRANÇOISE LANGLOIS, the sister of Marguerite Langlois wife of Abraham Martin, who is also an ancestor in this genealogy. This would have been about 1619 in Lisieux.  Pierre and Francoise arrived in Quebec in August 1620.  By 1625, they were part of a group of seven settler families in New France. 

As an investor and employee of the Company of 100 Associates, Pierre DesPortes managed a warehouse in Québec and worked as the tiny settlement's baker.   Most likely he tended to the a public oven as was the custom of the time.     

This family was in Canada up until the occupation of Kirke.  Some say their daughter, Hélène Desportes was born in France in early July 1620, others say she was born in Canada.  At any rate, she was the godchild of Champlain's wife, Hélène Boulée, who was living at the habitation in Québec at the time.     

Pierre DesPortes and his wife Françoise Langlois returned to Dieppe France in 1629 after the taking of Québec by the Kirkes in July of that year.  In 1632, Françoise Langlois died in Dieppe at the age of 36.  Pierre DesPortes appears to have never returned to Canada.  However, in 1634 their daughter Hélène DesPortes did return to the land of her childhood when she was 14 years, along with her aunt, Marguerite Langlois and uncle, Abraham Martin.  The young Hélène DesPortes married and lived out her life in Canada, and two of her many children are ancestors in the Cameron line.   

Francoise Langlois was a godmother twice in Quebec, in 1627, and again in May 18, 1629, only months before the conquest of Quebec by the Kirk brothers. The Kirk brothers sent Champlain and most of the colonists to France by way of England. The Desportes family and all or most of the Martin family were in the group repatriated.


This family is in the Cameron line:

Each indentation indicates a new generation.  Ie: Hélène DesPortes is the daughter of Pierre DesPortes and Françoise Langlois; Agnes Morin is the daughter of Hélène DesPortes and Noël Morin, and so on.

A carat (>) indicates there is at least another sibling who is an ancestor, ie:  Agnes Morin has a brother, Alphonse Morin who is also the Cameron line.


PIERRE DesPORTES and FRANÇOISE LANGLOIS, m. abt. 1619 in Lisieux, Normandy

  Hélène DesPORTES and Noël MORIN, m. 1-9-1640 in Québec

    >Agnes MORIN and Nicolas GAUDRY, m. 11-17-1653 in Québec

      Christine Charlotte GAUDRY and Jean HAMEL, m. 2-16-1677

        Marie-Catherine HAMEL and Joseph GAUTHIER, m. 1709 in Cap Santé, PQ

          Antoine GAUTHIER and Marie Josette GIRARD, m. 2-25-1755 in Trois Rivières, PQ

            Marguerite GAUTHIER and Joseph Antoine POTHIER, m. 1-17-1794 in Trois Rivières, PQ

              Marie-Zélie POTHIER and Charles CAMIRAND, m. 2-9-1847 in Trois Rivières, PQ

                Ernest CAMIRAND and Mathilde FOURNIER, m. 11-24-1885 in Attleboro, MA

                  Wilfred CAMERON and Delia DARGIE, m. 10-11-1910 in Attleboro, MA

                    Rhea CAMERON and Edward LIZOTTE, m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA


Another child of Hélène DesPortes and Noël Morin...

PIERRE DesPORTES and FRANÇOISE LANGLOIS m. m. abt. 1619 in Lisieux, Normandy

  Hélène DesPORTES and Noël MORIN, m. 1-9-1640 in Québec

    >Alphonse MORIN and Marie-Marguerite NORMAND, m. 2-10-1670 in Québec

      Joseph MORIN and Agnes Elisabeth BOUCHARD, m. 11-17-1701 at Cap St. Ignace, PQ

        Elisabeth MORIN and Jacques CAMPAGNA, m. 2-5-1731 in Montmagny, PQ

          Jacques CAMPAGNA and Marguerite MICHON, m. 11-5-1754 in Montmagny, PQ

            Jean-Baptiste CAMPAGNA and Rosalie PATOINE, m. 4-28-1788 in Bellechasse, PQ

              Étienne CAMPAGNA and Marguerite FOURNIER, m. 1-9-1826 in Bellechasse, PQ

                Caroline CAMPAGNA and Zoël TURCOTTE, m. 6-22-1852 in St. Norbert, PQ

                  Léonise TURCOTTE and Napoléon DARGIE, m. 10-15-1883 in Lewiston, ME

                    Delia DARGIE and Wilfred CAMERON, m. 10-11-1910 in Attleboro, MA

                      Rhea CAMERON and Edward LIZOTTE, m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA 

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