François-Noël Vanasse 

A depiction of Rouen, Normandy in the 17th century. 

François-Noël Vanasse was born in April of 1643 in the parish of St. Maclou  in Rouen.  He arrived in Trois-Rivières around 1665 as a contract worker to work for the Notary Jean Cusson as a domestic.  François-Noël appears on the 1666 census as a domestic in the Cusson family.

François-Noël Vanasse purchased a piece of land measuring 2 acres on January 1 , 1669 in the vicinity of Champlain. Jean Cusson, the man for whom Francois had been working was the local notary at Cap de la Madeleine so it should not surprise us that he would draw up the marriage contract between Francois-Noel and Jeanne Fourrier on August 2 1671. Jeanne, the daughter of Pierre Fourrier and Jeanne Busson, had already been married to Jean Baillon and was a 19 year-old widow.  She was a fille-du-roi who had arrived in Canada in 1669.  Her first marriage would have no doubt took place in 1669.

In the 1681 census, the Vanasse family was still living in the area of Champlain.  Their oldest child was 9 years old, the oldest of 5.  In time, the family would swell to 11 children, the last born in December of 1694.

In 1683, the Vanasses moved across to the St. Lawrence River to Baie St. Antoine on the river's south side.

In 1686, we find the family back in Trois Rivières no doubt because on March 10 of that year, Joseph Petit dit Bruno, a local seigneur, gave François-Noël the job of supervising his lands in the region of Trois Rivieres . This was a seven year contract so the family stayed at Trois Rivieres into the next decade.

The next that we hear from them is in the early 1700s when they are at Baie du Febvre in the region of Yamaska. From this homestead, son and ancestor François Vanasse dit Precourt would stay at Baie du Febvre, son Nicolas, who was a voyageur who received a permit to travel west in June 1695, would settle at Maskinonge, son Etienne would move to Saint Francois du Lac which was nearby, and son Sebastien would cross the river north to Louiseville in Maskinonge.

François-Noël Vanasse died sometime between 12-24-1708 and 2-9-1718 at St. François-du-Lac, Québec.  His wife, Jeanne Fourier died sometime after 2-9-1718. 

The genealogy of it:

François-Noël VANASSE and Jeanne FOURNIER, m. 8-2-1671 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, PQ

  François VANASSE dit Précourt and Marie-Josephte LeFETTY, m .12-23-1708 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, PQ

    Marie-Anne VANASSE dit Précourt and Joseph GIRARD, m. 2-15-1732 at Trois-Rivières, PQ

      Marie-Josette GIRARD and Antoine GAUTHIER, m. 5-3-1775 at Trois-Rivières, PQ

        Marguerite GAUTHIER and Joseph-Antoine POTHIER, m. 1-7-1794 in PQ

          Marie-Zélie POTHIER and Charles CAMIRAND, m. 2-9-1847 at Trois-Rivières, PQ

            Ernest CAMIRAND and Mathilde FOURNIER, m. 11-24-1885 in Attleboro, MA

              Wilfred CAMERON and Delia DARGIE m. 10-11-1910 in Attleboro, MA

                Rhea CAMERON and Edward LIZOTTE m. 6-20-1936 in Attleboro, MA



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