Jacques AUBUCHON dit LeLoyal came to Canada in 1643 as a 26-year old bachelor from Dieppe, Normandy.  A carpenter by trade. 

His first marriage was to Mathurine Poisson 10-8-1647 in Quebec.  In 1649, he and his wife returned to France to LaRochelle where a daughter, Marie-Anne was born in 1650.  Perhaps a business trip because they had left an infant son in the care of family, undoubtedly, in Trois-Rivières.  He and his family remained in France until 1652 when he returned to Canada and the Trois-Rivières settlement where a concession of land awaited him in Cap-de-la-Madeleine. 

Jacques Aubuchon had a half brother, Jean Aubuchon dit l'Esperance active in the fur trade living in Trois-Rivières, and Mathurine Poisson's widowed father, a lime maker who arrived in the early 1630's with Champlain as a valet (source: PREFEN ) was there also, as well as Mathurine Poisson's brother and sister.

In 1658, Mathurine is considered a merchant (négociante).  In May of that year, she was taken to court by ancestor Louis Pinard, a physician, for payment of 9 livres to be paid in the best beaver pelts that she had promised.  She was made to pay another 5 livres in the best beaver pelts within a month as well as the expenses.  (source:  "Visages du vieux Trois-Rivières" Tome I.)

Around 1665, Jacques Aubuchon and ancestor Pierre LeBoulanger testified against Madame Crevier, mother-in-law of Pierre Boucher, that she and her relatives sold liquor to the Indians. (source: "Visages du vieux Trois-Rivieres" Tome I).  This was a serious accusation of a crime punishable by as much as death, but it was on ongoing problem wherever there were trading posts.

From the same source, is a notation that in June 1669, Jacques Aubuchon was witness before Royal Notary, ancestor Cusson, to a settlement regarding orphan, Michel Arsenault, and his keeper, Claude Herlin.  The issue was taken before the Judge and ancestor Quentin Moral.  

Mathurine Poisson died sometime around 1665 after the birth of her last child and the summer of 1666 when on the census of that year, she is listed as deceased.  Together, Jacques Aubuchon and Mathurine Poisson had had eight children.

Also on the census, Jacques Aubuchon is listed as living in the region of Trois-Rivieres as a habitant and master carpenter.  He was able to sign his name.  At the time he had five sons living with him, the eldest being 14 and the last two aged 2 and 1.

Jacques Aubuchon married for a second time in November of 1667 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine to Marguerite Itasse, a fille-du-roi from France, and a woman 30 years younger than he.  Together they had four children.  The second daughter, Marguerite Aubuchon married to Pierre Desrosiers dit Dargie is my direct ancestor.  

A record for Notary Normandin indicates:  "Vente d'une terre de 2 arpents de front sur 40 arpents de profondeur, à Champlain, héritée de son fils, René Aubuchon-Dubuc par Jacques Aubuchon, dudit lieu, à Pierre Desrosiers (1 octobre 1693)."  Translation:  The sale of a lot of 2 arpents frontage and 40 arpents deep, in Champlain, inherited by Jacques Aubuchon from his son René Abuchon-Dubuc, also of Champlain, to Pierre Desrosiers (Oct. 1, 1693).  At this time, Pierre Desrosiers was Jacques Aubuchon's son-in-law.

The Aubuchon family was settled in the Trois-Rivieres area with other notable settlers such as Pierre Lefebvre, Etienne LaFond, Antoine Desrosiers, Jacques Hertel, Jean-Baptiste Godefroy and Michel LeNeuf.  They were all known to one another and part of the enterprise of fur trading.  And they were all ancestors.

Jacques Aubuchon died in December of 1701 in Trois-Rivières just after his 84th birthday.


The genealogy of it...

Jacques AUBUCHON and Marguerite ITASSE, m. 11-11-1667 in Champlain, PQ

  Marguerite AUBUCHON and Pierre DESROSIERS dit Dargie, m. 4-27-1693 in Champlain, PQ

    Pierre DESROSIERS dit Dargie and Louise Thérèse DUREAU, m. 11-7-1728 in Trois-Rivières, PQ

      Antoine DARGIE and Marie-Louise DESHAIES, m. 11-3-1767 in Bécancourt, PQ

        Antoine DARGIE and Louise PRINCE, m. 10-4-1802 in Nicolet, PQ

          Antoine DARGIE and Hélène LaFOND, m. 9-1-1844 in Granby, PQ

            Napoléon DARGIE and Léonise TURCOTTE, m. 10-15-1883 in Lewiston, ME

              Delia DARGIS (Dargie) and Wilfred CAMERON, m. 10-11-1910 in Attleboro, MA

                Rhea CAMERON and Edward LIZOTTE, m. 6-20-1636 in Attleboro, MA


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